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OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Download

OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Download

Brand: Apple
Product Code: B002KG02QO
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  • Better, faster, easier.

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes hundreds of improvements that will help make your Mac faster,

    more responsive, and more reliable than ever. Installation is up to 50 percent faster than with

    Mac OS X Leopard; wake from sleep is as much as two times faster; shutdown is up to 80 percent faster

    ; and initial Time Machine backups to Time Capsule are up to 80 percent faster than in Leopard.2


    Now Exposé is integrated in the Dock, giving you a quick and easy way to see all the open windows of an application.


    The Finder has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the new technologies in SnowLeopard.

    The familiar Finder interface is unchanged, but you’ll discover that the Finder is faster and more responsive.

    It also includes an enhanced icon view with live file previews, so you can thumb through a multipage

    document or even watch a QuickTime movie.

    New core technologies.

    New core technologies in Snow Leopard unleash the power of today’s advanced hardware and

    prepare Mac OS X for future innovation.

    QuickTime X.

    The next-generation media technology, QuickTime X powers the audio and video experience

    in Snow Leopard. It debuts a completely new QuickTime Player application with a clean,

    uncluttered interface as well as an easy way to record, trim, and share your media.

    Out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange.

    Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in Mail,

    iCal, and Address Book, so it’s easier than ever to take your Mac to work.

    Safari 4.

    The latest version of the blazing-fast web browser delivers up to 50 percent faster JavaScript

    performance2 and is more resistant to crashes than ever.

    Universal Access.

    Every Mac comes standard with a wide range of assistive—or Universal Access—technologies

    that help people with disabilities experience what the Mac has to offer. Snow Leopard continues

    this support with a variety of innovative features that advance accessibility even further.


    Product Description

    Mac OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard, a simpler, more powerful, and more refined version of Mac OS X.

    It delivers a wide range of enhancements, next-generation technologies, out-of-the-box support

    for Microsoft Exchange Server, and new accessibility features. It's the world's most advanced

    operating system, finely tuned from installation to shutdown.

    Update to the latest version of OS X Leopard 10.5.0 before you upgrade to OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.0

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    Estimate Time To Download From 1 to 4 hours Depending on the speed of your network

    ---------------------------Customer Comments------------------------------

    jose ramon on 23/11/2012

    Great price fast download awsome


    Kirk coody on 14/02/2013

    downloaded and working fine




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